This page is dedicated to tracking South Africa’s mining performance.  Using data released by Stats SA and other reputable sources, we hope to cut through the noise and provide you with a clear, visual representation of  South Africa’s Mining Industry.

South African Mineral Sales

Percentage Share of Total Sales- April 2017

  • Building materials
  • PGMs
  • Gold
  • Iron Ore
  • Chromium ore
  • Manganese ore
  • Coal
  • Other

Mineral Group April Mineral Sales in R, Millions
Building materials 9,491
PGMs 8,617
Gold 5,105
Iron Ore 3,398
Chromium ore 2,207
Manganese ore 1,639
Coal 1,138
Other metallic 957
Other non-metallic 900
Nickel 514
Copper 347
Total Sales 34,317

Key Mining Statistics


Production Volume Growth Rates

When observing growth rates in Mining production volume, it’s important to consider seasonality. Seasonality represents any regular and predictable change that occurs during the calendar year (Rising retail sales during the festive season is an example of seasonality) Economists aim to remove the effect of seasonality so that we may see the “real” data without any seasonal fluctuations. Below we have 2 growth charts that show mining production both Annually and Monthly. Please note that the Monthly chart has been adjusted for seasonality, whereas the Annual chart has not.

Mineral production growth by category 
Compared to May 2016

May 2017 – Mining production increased by 3,6% year-on-year in May. The main positive contributors were iron ore (+28,6%) and diamonds (+61,0% points). PGM/Platinum (-17,5%)  was a significant negative contributor. Prices in the above-mentioned minerals are due to increase in the coming years. This will hopefully support growth in the sector.

Mining & Agri Contribution
(1994 – 2016)

We have examined two very important sectors and their contribution to National GDP over the past 2 decades. Mining and Agriculture have struggled to perform in recent years due in part to a lull in the global commodity cycle along with labour and climate instability. In 1980, mining contributed 21% of National GDP, a record high that has yet to be broken.


How the Mining Sector has changed in over the years

Below we have taken some excerpts from a recent article published by Stats SA. The following 4 graphs are extremely insightful and provide valuable insight into the history of South Africa’s mining sector
A link to the original can be found here

Mining’s Contribution to GDP & Employment


Employment by mineral group over the past 20 years


Employment Distribution Among Mineral Groups


Contribution to GDP over the past 26 years


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